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About Us

BURAJ ULUSLARARASI TICARET is a Turkish company. From the inception, BURAJ ULUSLARARASI TICAREThas been involved in the business of providing high quality design, development and implementation of IT solutions for Oil and Natural Gas industry. The company is expert in the field of IT solutions for Oil and Natural gas industry with experience in utilizing and implementing CHEMCAD Software.

BURAJ ULUSLARARASI TICARETis a professional enterprise involved indesign and development of IT solutions with team of experts with the knowledge ofoil and natural gas processes. Our team has been able to provide the most appropriate solutions or product to our customers at very short notice. At the same time our team of professionals has continued the research and development in new technology areas. Our engineers provide necessary technical support and state-of-the-art quality products to our customers on daily basis.

BURAJ ULUSLARARASI TICARET is also a leading marketing company for food additives and processed fruit product .as well as provider of food additives, processed fruit products in the form of pulp, puree and juice import and export of food additives products.

As an efficient worldwide team we keep growing and getting stronger day by day.